Extraction and ventilation cleaning

Air ducts are major collectors of dust; pet dander, dirt, and other harmful contaminants starting from construction remains adding up everyday life usage. These particles pollute your air and trigger allergies and aggravate respiratory illnesses, especially for children and the elderly.


Our cleaning team offer to help you maintain a clean, healthy, and comfortable living environment in your premises by using the professional machineries and disinfecting materials in duct cleaning process. We take time to listen and understand our customer need and requirement constantly striving to improve our /service offerings.

Our A/C Duct Cleaning Service Includes,

  • Inspection & cleaning of filters.
  • Checking & cleaning of electrical components.
  • Checking of performance and functionality of compressor.
  • Checking compressor for irregular noise, vibration and proper suction.
  • Pressure washing of condenser coils (outside).
  • Checking condenser and evaporation fins.
  • Cleaning of drain lines.
  • Checking of AC motors like fans, belts, motors (vibration, noise a.s.o.).
  • Checking and adjustment of fan motor pulley alignment.
  • Placing of drain flow tablets in drip trays (charged at extra cost).
  • Checking temperature in the rooms.

Ventilation Services includes,

  • Ventilation Compliance.
  • General Ventilation Cleaning.
  • Specialist Social housing services.
  • Fire Risk Assessments.
  • Entire System Cleaning.
  • All associated electrical work.
  • Installation of fire valves/grilles.
  • Specialized licensed decontamination of hazardous material from ductwork systems including asbestos.
  • Ventilation system fire risk assessments.
  • Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) maintenance.
  • Re-balancing and commissioning of ventilation systems.
  • Provision of detailed drawings.
  • Provision and installation of new ductwork systems.
  • Environmental decontamination of clean rooms/computer suites.
  • Hospital ductwork Cleaning HTM 03-01.
  • Operating theatre ventilation cleaning.
  • Pharmaceutical cleaning.